Allen Hahn: Creative Director

Allen is a theatrical designer and artist whose designs have been showcased around the world. He has designed stage environments carefully crafted to support the narrative at the center of dozens of productions for theater and opera including world premieres in the US and abroad. His work on projects with limited resources and others with a high degree of technological sophistication have both met with critical acclaim. In 2009, he created the game experience The Secret City at the Braddock Carnegie Library, which prototyped future Brightwork experiences.

Brent Elmer: Game Designer

Brent has a background in design for smart products, with competencies in iterative user testing, prototyping, and wireframing for interface design, employed most recently in work for Tupperware and Johnson & Johnson. Since joining CMU’s Entertainment Technology Center in 2009, and working with companies including Schell Games, his focus has shifted to game design with an emphasis in social gaming for shared physical space.

Adam Nelson: Executive Producer

Adam founded Obscure Games, a crowd-sourced game design organization, in 2009. As the organization’s Director, he has created and collaborated on dozens of new and modified pervasive games, small space and tabletop games, and sports, including the award-winning game of human-sized pinball, Silverball. He also produced Pittsburgh’s festival of new games, the Steel City Games Fest, in August 2010, along with over a hundred other Obscure Games events.

David Adamson: Software Developer

David is a unrepentant storyteller, game-designer, computer scientist, and vagabond. The technical underpinnings of the Star of the West, as well as several of the game’s physical artifacts, are largely his fault. He’s currently a masters student at Carnegie Mellon’s Language Technologies Institute, and is an active developer on the open-source “Samosa” project which powers the Secret City.

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