“Expanding the limits of reality through play.”

The Past

Our everyday world is imbued with meaning from thousands of personal histories, hidden beneath the city’s surface. The experiences Brightwork constructs pull back the corners of the world to reveal these secret stories, and allow players to forge a personal connection with their city.

The Present

Brightwork creates experiences that focus players’ attention and energy in the present moment. We seek to make the everyday foreign, fostering exploration of the familiar and a new understanding of the city we only thought we knew.

The Future

The future we are speeding toward is one in which the world wide web is reconciled with the physical world. Brightwork rejects technology -as -an -end -unto-itself, and instead recognizes it as a means to enhance real experience. We dissolve the boundaries technology imposes on us, and give players agency to re-imagine and engage the world around them.


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