Play the 412 – Public

You’ve signed up to play The 412 on April 9th!

Here’s what you need to know:

You can begin your adventure any time between 10am and 2 pm on Saturday, April 9th. Come to the Pittsburgh Public Market near 17th and Smallman St and text “Play The 412” to (412) 228-4163 to begin.

Every time you send a correct answer, you’ll receive a phone call with an audio message from a character in the story, followed by a text message with directions to your next location, as well as some additional information. Listen and read carefully to pull out additional clues from the story.

You’ll be exploring the Strip District between 17th and 28th St, following directions and searching for this symbol:

If you can’t find your next destination, text “HELP” to (412) 228-4163 to get some additional directions.

A representative from Brightwork will be at the Pittsburgh Public Market to help get you started (if you need), and another will be at your final destination to get some of your feedback from the experience.

In all, the experience should take less than two hours and you’ll walk about a mile through the Strip.

Thanks again for your interest! Looking forward to seeing you on the 9th!

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